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American Indian - Aquarelle

Two American Indians - Aquarelle


(click on the picture of Roy Lichtenstein!)

Roy Lichtenstein - Felt-tip-Pen


(click on!)


San Francisco - mixed media

La Jolla/Uni of CA - Collage

'Loosing an European Head' - NIKON-Photo

'Loosing your European Head' - Photo by al


Robin White(R.Sperry/Split-Brain)- XEROX Print

Nancy Frank - XEROX Print

Acte - XEROX Print

Encounter with M. Hurson in Chicago.(click on!)

photo: author

LINK n.y.times

The acme of his life in the 'Americas': a stint at the UCSD, San Diego/La Jolla.
Were he came in touch with John Cage ('What's cooking on.')
(The 'Black Mountain College Movement' and its 'Asia-Connection'.)

Breaking in the Automotive Section of the L.A.Times

(For Li) Great Acryl with Stamps imbued - lost!

Detail from: Great Acryl with Stamps imbued

Window view from the San Diego studio

Great Acryl 2

Collored Glasses

Collored Glasses

PictureCollage - mixed media

Playing - Collage

Ahnenpass 2 - Xerox-Prints

Brainsplit (for Robin White) - Collage


Brainsplit two - Xeroxed PaperSheets

The New York-Window-Installation (1)

Berlin-Window-Installation (2)

Returning from Amerika. Creating immediatly an installation in Berlin.
Being a flop, a disaster.

“Few cared.
Can be the show was unintelligible. Or the public was too unfamilar to read the whole as ART. Had endured aggressive remarks.
Above all: the so-callled artist changed the installation every day”

(J.Dewey: 'A genuine Idea is an Idea in motion.')

Part of Window-Installation 2: Dying Women - mixed Media.

Part of Window-Installation 2, in B.: 'The Lift' - mixed Media.

LINK to PHOTO, FILM and two VIDEOS. In German.

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